Vincent Black Lightning

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Updated October 13th, 2009    

Over 60 years ago Rollie Free laying over the seat of a speeding motorcycle set the land speed record in the flying mile out at  Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. He clocked a top speed of just over 150 mph and was framed into history with the famous “bathing suit bike” photograph seen below.


Bathing suit bike

But this photo isn’t about half naked men and their hair brain ideas. Its about the vintage bike, the Vincent Black Lightning.

Depending on where you visit or which site you believe there are anywhere from 16 to a 100 Black Lightnings built, all by hand of course. The Vincent Motorcycle Co. is long gone, and while there is little information available, this brand was so revered that an attempt to revitalize the brand was made.

Without going into the technical specifications of building a record setting bike, just look at this design beauty.


1949 Vincent Black Lighting

And the stylish modern redesign.

Modern Design for the Black Lightning

Modern redesign of the Vincent Black Lighting

Estimated retail for a perfect 1948 Black Lightning: $125,000

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