The TV Marketing Oscars and My Commercials Fast

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February 7th, 2010    

Just hours before the greatest spectacle in modern television marketing, ad agencies and creative genius and marketing professionals have prepared their best, and most expensive works of art to put on show outside of the gridlines of tomorrow’s super bowl. Once heralded as the greatest event in sports, the Super Bowl’s widespread appeal, hype and hysteria have created a marketer’s dream landscape with over 100 million pair of eye balls focused almost more intently on what happens between timeouts than between the gridlines.

After the game, I will take a break from commercials for awhile, in fact, 30 days specifically. Once upon a time in my life I was without a TV much less network cable. Now, haven fallen for HDTV and amassed myself back with the 99.9% of fellow American’s, I have once again been the prey TV marketers so covet.
Marketers are smart and savvy. They know DVR and Tivo exist, so they created relationships with networks to have in-game marketing opportunities, from sponsored trivia questions, instant reply, in-game stats, etc. (I mostly watch sports.) The are aware of our subconscious even when we might not be. They pitch quick eats late at night, cool cars outside of our budgets with the hopes of planting the branding seeds, once, I sat through a commercial break that featured four fast food ads, two from the same chain. These marketers are relentless.

So why not try a new approach? I like trying things, as do my friends. One buddy after reading a compelling book has decided to give veganism a try. Another, inspired by a more zen-like approach to life has created a vision board to visualize the change she would like to see in her life. In college, I even attempted to use the Dvorak keyboard, the most efficient key layout, with the thought of how much time I might be able to save over a lifetime of using that keyboard setup. Recently, I started sleeping with two pillows with the hope that I would have increased air flow during the night which would lead to more restful sleep. (Unfortunately, I was unconscious during most of the trial hours and don’t have much research data to report.)

A phrase I have heard before says, “Do what you always do, get what you’ve always got.”

So why not try a different approach? So I plan to avoid commericals.

Here is how I plan to do it, what I hope to gain, and what I think my biggest obstacles will be.

How I plan to do it:

  1. Watch less TV
  2. Only watch recorded TV – use the tool of the DVR to my advantage
  3. Plan my TV watching ahead of my TV browsing – If I am unable to plan ahead, I will record the program and start watching it 10 minutes later.
  4. Watch more movies
  5. Put up a sign by my TV to remind myself
  6. Watch
  7. Close my eyes and mute the TV 😉

What I hope to gain:

  1. More time engaged in what I want, less in what others want me to want
  2. More active participation in my leisure time
  3. Lower my sub or unconscious cravings seeded into my brain for professional marketers
  4. Greater personal happiness
  5. The power that comes from setting a goal and keeping it
  6. World Peace. (Can’t hurt, right?)

What my biggest obstacles will be:

  1. Out at a friends house, TV on
  2. Effectively communicating to others why I’m doing this
  3. Laziness
  4. Ever watching commercials again

And now a few, er, no words from our sponsors.

One Response to “The TV Marketing Oscars and My Commercials Fast”

  1. Lil Sis says:

    Awesomeness! I just started a “no media night”…and rats – it’s on Mondays and today is Monday. I realized that I’m coming home, logging onto the lappy or turning on the TV and vegging. My creativeness has been devoured and I’m not as crazy and adventurous as I once was. Last week was my first week, so hopefully it will only get better.

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