All I want for Christmas is to Design a Billboard

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December 18th, 2009    

I’m a web designer, not a print designer. So I’ve never been immersed in the world of all things print, from flyers to business card to even, yes, billboards. But that is all I want for Christmas. I want to design a billboard.

My days are filled building websites, designer interfaces and user interactions. I build mockups, wireframes, cool navigations and super cool buttons, but I have never built a billboard. Until now.

So here is my proposal. I will design a billboard for free. No charge for my design services and all the iterations it takes for us to get it right. The only request I have is that I get a photo of the real billboard with my design on it. That’s it.  No hooks or gimmicks.


So, shoot me an , or give me a call at 720-235-8538. First come, first served.

Happy Holidays everyone. I hope you get what you want too.

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